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Goyal Skin and Hair clinic Clinic is one of the most successful Hair Transplantation Clinic In Delhi. Get solution of baldness through Hair Transplantation Services in Delhi. Book No. 1 Hair Transplant & Laser Clinic in Delhi For Best And Guaranteed Results. We provide the results which will help you to get rise from the baldness in 20-30 days.

  • Hair Transplant Surgery is a Procedure used to treat Hair Loss
  • The most Common Hair Transplantation Method is the FUE Technique
  • A Hair Transplant is a Surgical Procedure to Improve Baldness
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What is Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the surgeon fills the area of your scalp having thin or no hair at all. The surgery is primarily done to treat male-pattern baldness, where the surgeon takes hair follicles from the thicker parts of the scalp or other parts of the body. The hair follicles are then grafted or implanted in the head with a bald or thin scalp. The procedure is done under local anesthesia to numb the scalp area for a minimal pain procedure. Hair loss is considered one of the most common conditions that affect a large portion of the population, including 85% of males and 40% of females. Every year, the incidence of hair fall keeps increasing with age for both sexes. The condition can either be permanent or temporary, affecting your scalp or the entire body. Hair loss can be a result of heredity, hormonal change, medical condition, or aging. Hair loss is more common in men.

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